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📝 Creating an MLA Format Header: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to create an MLA format header in a step-by-step guide. Open the header box, choose different first page, type your last name, and insert page numbers.

Creating an MLA Format Header: A Step-by-Step Guide

A cursor double-clicking at the top of a word document page
Open the Header Box
Double-click at the top of a page to open the Header box.
A checkbox labeled 'Different First Page' being ticked
Choose Different First Page
Check the box that reads 'Different First Page'. This allows the first page of your document to have a unique header.
A header box with a last name typed in
Type Your Last Name
In the header box, type your last name and then one space. This will be the first part of your header.
A cursor clicking the '#' button in the toolbar
Insert Page Numbers
Click the '#' button in the toolbar to automatically insert page numbers. This ensures each page is correctly numbered in your header.

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