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December 11, 2018 | Author: Dawah Är Lätt | Category: Monotheistic Religions, Theism, Religious Belief And Doctrine, Religious Faiths, Theology
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Don't panic here is some Da'wah Tips for you....


Don't panic here is some Da'wah Tips for you.

Da'wah Tips for all all the potential potential du'aat du'aat out there. there.

Da'wah Tips: Buddhism – key concept is to introduce a God (creator) and to dismiss any divinity of  personalities. ... s Buddha God! They say: yes "ou: asses the impossi#ility of him #ein$ God%Born& ate death etc lso ask where did Buddha say he was God! They say: ot God. there is no God. "ou:Go to cosmolo$ical ar$ument%where did the universe come from! Give the eamples of how the world came into eistence. * Did the universe create itself%has anytin$ ever created itself! +an we eist and not eist at same time! ,r& can a -other $ive #irth #i rth to herself!  Did the universe come out of nothin$% /as somethin$ ever come from nothin$! +ausality% 0omethin$ cant12 come out of nothin$3 /ave we ever eperienced or accepted this to have ever happened! 4 (/ence) it was created%By process of elimination it can only #e such. 56ere they created of nothin$! or were they perchance& their own creators! or did they create the heavens and the earth! surely they have no firm #elief.5 (0urah t%Tur 7:47%48)0ee -ore

Da'wah Tips:

-ovin$ the sofa – you wish to move a sofa #ut it re9uires two people % so you $o across the street and ask a nei$h#our to help. /e says he could do #ut must ask his nei$h#our if he can.This process is repeated infinitely with... each nei$h#our askin$ a new nei$h#our if they have ther authority to help. Do you thin$ the sofa would ever $et moved! o3 That is why for the 6orld to have come into effect there must #e a cause and that cause must #e one and uni9ue.

Da'wah Tips: (reddy the fro$) f you had a fro$ (freddy the fro$)& and then said hey 2ve adopted a fro$ – he sits in his tank net to me when we eat at the dinner ta#le& he has his own #edroom and we also watch Tv to$ether! 2 ve sent off the papers to the adoption service (as li#eral as we are) and they should #e sendin$ throu$h my approval letter any day now. 6ould you consider this a proper adoption!% refer to common$ sense;rationale. To consider humans e9uivalent to animals is de$radin$ as they are a lower #ein$ than ourselves % hence we use terminolo$y such as esus is God or that >esus was sent #y God! -ost christians will say /e was sent #y God tell them that There is only one reli$ion that says says >esus was sent #y lmi$hty God do they know know which reli$ion it is! They will say esus > esus is God rather than sent #y God. Because the christians say%
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