CHM142L Lab Report 3

December 5, 2018 | Author: Louie Angelo Legaspi Tan | Category: Distillation, Evaporation, Chemical Compounds, Water, Chemical Substances
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Volum lume No No. 5 Issue No. No. 3 Date of Submission: N/A Date of Acceptance: November 13, 215

Anal!sis an" #urification of $ompoun"s %sin& Different Distillation 'et(o"s ) Simple an" Steam Macatantan, Sedfrey L. 1; Gaviño, Patricia Anne L.; Lat, Dheya O.; Manalo, Jayvee Bien D.; Dr. De Catro! Cr"#, $athlia A.%  Mapua Institute of Technology Technology,, Muralla Street, Street, Intramuros, Intramuros, Manila, Metro Metro Manila, Manila, Philippines Philippines

A*S+A$+ &olatility olatility i the tendency of a "'tance to va(ori#e. )t i directly related to a "'tance* va(or (re"re. At a +iven te(erat"re, a "'tance -ith hi+her va(or (re"re va(ori#e ore readily than a "'tance -ith a lo-er va(or. actor that can affect volatility are -ei+ht and interolec"lar force of attraction. S"'tance -ith heavier -ei+ht and tron+er interolec"lar force of attraction tend to 'e le volatile a ore ener+y -ill 'e needed to 'rea/ the do-n. Si(le and tea ditillation are t-o ethod "ed in thi e0(erient. Si(le ditillation i 'et "ed -hen "'tance to 'e e(arated have hi+h volatility difference. hen a co(o"nd only e0ert little va(or (re"re, tea ditillation i "ed, a it -o"ld re2"ire the aitance of -ater o that le (re"re -o"ld 'e in the a(le container and only a lo-er te(erat"re -ill 'e re2"ired -hich can (revent deco(oition of (rod"ct. $ey-ord 3 volatility, intermolecular, simple, steam, temperature, pressure


St"dent, C4M15%L6B%1, School of Cheical 7n+ineerin+, Cheitry and Biotechnolo+y, Ma("a )ntit"te of 8echnolo+y; edfrey % Profeor, School of Cheical 7n+ineerin+, Cheitry and Biotechnolo+y, Ma("a )ntit"te of 8echnolo+y; /adecatro9a("a.ed".(h

1. IN+-D%$+I-N )n or+anic cheitry, volatility of  co(o"nd i an i(ortant thin+ to 'e conidered and noted a -e are already dealin+ -ith all ort of  different co(o"nd that are 'ein+ t"died and  (roce and the idea of volatility contri'"te +reatly in the co(arion and handlin+ of the co(o"nd. irt, -e need to /no-, -hat i volatility: 8o a/e it i(le, volatility refer to the tendency of a ("re "'tance to +o into the va(or (hae. )t can alo 'e  (erceived a ho- "ch a certain "'tance -ant to  'e a +a. Different co(o"nd have different va(or   (re"re +iven a certain te(erat"re a thi tand a a variation for the va(or (re"re. )n a anner, t-o factor ho"ld 'e conidered in dic"in+ volatility 3  the "'tance -ei+ht and interolec"lar force of  attraction
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