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About Us

We’re going to keep this page simple – just like our philosophy.

We feel that people should be able to pay a small amount of money and get a quality product.

All of our e-books are formatted specifically for the Kindle by an expert in formatting online content using only raw code.

All of our releases have a cover image and a linked table of contents – because books should.

You can browse our titles right here on this site using the links below.

Regarding Our Copy of War and Peace on The Nook

We have seen several blog posts and articles that highlight the fact that the word Kindle was replaced with the word Nook on our copy of War and Peace being sold on Barnes and Noble.

This happened because all of our titles were originally published on the Amazon Kindle platform first, and the titles formerly had a small paragraph of text describing our works at the beginning of the book. This paragraph had the word Kindle in it several times. When Barnes and Noble released their publishing platform we were obviously excited to offer our books there as well. A Find and Replace was done on the introductory paragraph to replace the word Kindle with Nook (along with some other formatting modifications specific to the Nook editions). On this particular title there was obviously a mistake in which the process was carried out on the entire work, instead of just the intro text.

Barnes and Noble promptly brought this to our attention and the issue was resolved. The current copy of War and Peace on sale has had the error fixed. This was a simple editing mistake and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.